Master in Business

MS Finance Courses

BA 219 - Corporate Financial Reporting

Principles, tools, and techniques in preparation and analysis of published corporate financial statements. 2 units.

MSFIN 201 - Macroeconomics & the Financial System

Macroeconomic theory, concepts and tools, macroeconomic problems, issues and policies. Also includes fiscal and monetary policies, introduction to economics of money and banking, basic operations of the financial system including its regulatory framework, survey and description of the basic operations of financial institutions and markets in the Philippines. 2 units.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Program

MSFIN 211 - Quantitative Methods

This course covers relevant techniques of quantitative analysis applicable to finance theory and practice. Included are intermediate mathematics and statistical techniques on analysis of variance and co-variance, discriminant analysis, risk analysis, linear programming, simulation methods, regression and time-series analysis, and their finance applications. 2 units.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Program

MSFIN 220 - Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting

Techniques of financial analysis and planning and management of working capital. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 219

MSFIN 222 - Corporate Finance I

Theoretical framework of corporate financial management, microeconomic foundations of finance and basic concepts in finance; fundamentals of capital investment analysis. 2 units.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Program

MSFIN 223 - Corporate Finance II

Policy decisions to include long-term investment and financing decisions. Included topics are portfolio theory, CAPM, advanced capital investment analysis, cost of capital, capital structure, sources of long-term financing and leasing. 2 units.
Prerequisite: MSFIN 222

MSFIN 224 - Investment Management

This course covers investment in financial assets. It involves key concepts and analytical tools for evaluating major types of securities (e.g., equities and fixed-income investments) in the Philippine financial market, in the context of trading strategies, risk management techniques, and portfolio management approaches. 2 units.
Prerequisite: MSFIN 222

MSFIN 225 - Financial Derivatives

Derivative securities like futures, options and swaps; their underlying theories and principles, their basic characteristics. Includes the basic principles and strategies in using these derivative securities for risk management. Also covers an introduction to disintermediation and securitization and financial engineering. 2 units.
Prerequisites: MSFIN 222

MSFIN 227 - International Finance

Covers the complexities of doing business in more than one currency. Includes an overview of international financial markets, exchange rate systems and theories of exchange rate behavior. Special focus is on exchange rate risk management through hedging in the foreign exchange markets and money markets. The course will also cover trade financing instruments and risk management. 2 units.
Prerequisite: MSFIN 222

MSFIN 295 - Financial Risk Management

Advanced derivatives course and risk management techniques. Included are an intermediate treatment of financial engineering and a discussion of structuring finance products. 2 units.
Prerequisite: MSFIN 225

MSFIN 296 - Financial Sector Regulation & Ethics

Laws and regulations affecting operations of banks and other financial institutions; regulations covering securities and negotiable instruments, insider trading, and commercial and investment bank operations; codes of ethics and conduct for finance professionals and officials of financial institutions. 2 units.
Prerequisite: MSFIN 201