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VSB revises its curriculum for both BSBAA and BSBA programs

posted Jul 5, 2018, 7:18 PM by Zike Baoy   [ updated Jul 12, 2018, 7:14 PM by UP Virata School of Business ]

Effective academic year 2018-2019, incoming freshmen who have completed the K+12 basic education curriculum shall follow the revised BSBA/BSBAA curriculum. The average age of these freshmen is 18 years because of the additional two years of senior high school. 

The revisions in the BSBAA program are three-fold: (1) reduction in the total number of units from 183-184 units to 166 units; (2) reduction in the total General Education (GE) units from 47-48 units to 30 units; and (3) reduction in program length from 5 years to 4-1/2 years. Six units in accounting are added to measure up to the expanded C.P.A. licensure examinations coverage of the Board of Accountancy (BOA) of the Professional Regulation Commission. BOA also requires an internship course with a credit of 6 units.

The revisions in the BSBA program include: (1) reduction in the total General Education (GE) units from 47-48 units to 27 units and (2) addition of seven required business courses, viz., introduction to research in business, investments, business taxation, project management, international business, risk management and insurance, and corporate governance and business ethics. Two of the seven required business courses were reclassified from elective to required while the remaining five are newly instituted courses. The new business courses will broaden the competency, international perspective and skill sets of future BSBA graduates. The program length of the BSBA program is retained at four years with the same number of total units at 145 units.