Philippine Management Review - 2011

The Use of Accounting and Stock Market Data to Predict Bank Financial Distress: The Case of East Asian Banks

Isabelle Distinguin, Amine Tarazi, Jocelyn Trinidad

Ownership Structure and Bank Efficiency in Six Asian Countries

Thierno Amadou Barry, Santos José III O Dacanay, Laetitia Lepetit, Amine Tarazi

Interest Rate Movements and Inflation Risk in the Philippines

Alma Dela Cruz, David Dickinson

Regime-Switching Market Risk: Evidence from the Philippines

Joel C. Yu, Daniel Goyeau, Carlos C. Bautista

World Business Cycle, Local Specialization and Asset Prices

Noëlle Duport, Daniel Goyeau, Genelyn Ma. F. Sarte

Money Growth and Velocity with Structural Breaks: Evidence from the Philippines

Assad L. Baunto, Christian Bordes, Samuel Maveyraud, Philippe Rous

International Liquidity, Monetary Spillovers and Asset Prices

Daniel Vincent H. Borja, Daniel Goyeau

Banking Industry Structure and Economic Activities: A Regional Approach for the Philippines

Jessica A. Los Banos, Celine Meslier Crouzille, Emmanuelle Nys, Alain Sauviat