Philippine Management Review - Statement on Ethics

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The Philippine Management Review is committed to the highest publication standards and ensuring quality of submissions. Acceptance decisions are based on articles’ significance, originality, clarity, relevance to the journal's scope, and contribution to the body of management knowledge.

The Editorial Board exerts every effort to ensure accuracy and clarity of research reporting. It expects compliance with highest standards of ethical behavior on the part of all parties involved: authors, editors, peer reviewers, and the publisher. Authors are expected to submit original works. Current sanctions against copyright infringement and plagiarism shall apply. Reviewers are selected according to their expertise in their particular fields, and are expected to adhere to professional standards of objectivity, confidentiality and research clarity during the review process.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to pass judgment on the acceptability for publication of any given submitted article. In the eventuality that the Board discovers, after due process, any form of misconduct or malpractice in these matters, it further reserves the right to publish and disseminate, when needed, any corrective notice, and proceed to formal retraction or removal of the article, if deemed necessary.