Dave Centeno

Associate Professor

UP Scientist 1 (2018-2020)
Ph.D. in Marketing, 2016, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
MA in Communication, 2012, College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines
BA in Speech Communication (magna cum laude), 2008, College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Telephone: +632 928 4571 local 2051
Office: room 205-A, VSB Building, UP Diliman Campus

Recent Publications

Co-authored with Anabo, F. (2019) "Social Influence on Consumer Financial Product Preferences". Philippine Management Review, 25: 53-70.

Co-authored with Echanis, E.S. "San Miguel Corporation: 1890-2007" in B.P. B. Gutierrez, R.A. Rodriguez, & E.S. Echanis Cases in Strategic Management (pp. 225-262). Quezon City, Philippines: UP Business Research Foundation. 2018.

Co-authored with Echanis, E.S. "Universal Robina Corporation International Expansion: Branded Consumer Foods" in B.P. B. Gutierrez, R.A. Rodriguez, & E.S. Echanis Cases in Strategic Management (pp. 339-372). Quezon City, Philippines: UP Business Research Foundation. 2018.

Centeno, Dave D.G. (2018). "Social Distance, Connectedness, and Product Familiarity on Endorsement Evaluations: An Experimental Approach", Philippine Management Review, 25: 53-70.

Centeno, Dave D.G. and Wang, Jeff. (2017). Celebrities as Human Brands: A Stakeholder Inquiry on Human-Brand Identities. Journal of Business Research. 74(May 2017): 133-138.

Centeno, Dave (2017). "Social media stakeholder co-creation of celebrities as human brands". In Rishi, Bikramjit and Bandyopadhyay, Subir (eds). Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing: An International Perspective. Routledge: London UK.

Centeno, Dave D.G. (2016). Parasociality and Habitus in Celebrity Consumption and Political Culture: A Philippine Case Study” Asian Journal of Social Science. (Thomson Reuters Social Science Citation Index.) [Received International Publication Award from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of the Philippines and from the UP Cesar EA Virata School of Business]

Centeno, Dave D.G. (2016). "Celebrities’ Parasocial Interaction and Relationships (PSIR): Predictor of Voting Preference towards Endorsed Political Candidates", Philippine Management Review, 23: 53-68.

Centeno, Dave D.G. (2015). "Constructing celebrities as political endorsers: parasocial acts, cultural power, and cultural capital", Philippine Political Science Journal, 36 (2): 1-23. (Thomson Reuters Social Science Citation Index.)

Coauthored with Wang, Jeff Jianfeng. (2014) "Parasocial Memory: Consumers' Symbolic Narratives and Cultural Distinctions of Celebrities' Intimate Familiarity." In North American-Advances in Consumer Research, eds. June Cotte and Stacy Wood. MN: Association for Consumer Research. 

Coauthored with Prieler, Michael. (2013) "Gender Representation in Philippine Television Advertisements." Sex Roles, A Journal of Research, 69(5-6), 276-288. (Thomson Reuters Social Science Citation Index.)

Centeno, Dave D.G. (2010). “Celebrification in Philippine Politics: Exploring the Relationship between Celebrity Endorsers' Parasociability and the Publics' Voting Behavior.” Social Science Diliman, 6(1): 66-85. (2010).

Courses Taught

BA 101 Introduction to Management and Case Method
BA 170 Marketing Management
BA 173 Consumer Behavior
BA 178 Special Topics in Marketing (Social Marketing) 
BA 230 Marketing Management 
BA 237 Special Topics in Marketing (Social Marketing)
BA 234.1 Consumer Behavior
BA 335 (Special Topics in Marketing)