Master in Business

MBA Courses

BA 201 - Economic Analysis

Economic theory and policy, with reference to the Philippine business environment. 2 units.

BA 211 - Management Science

Analysis and solution of management problems; decision theory, linear and integer programming, transportation, assignment, inventory and network models, queueing, statistical process control, and forecasting. 2 units.
Prerequisite: Computer proficiency and knowledge of basic calculus and elementary statistics.

BA 219 - Corporate Financial Reporting

Principles, tools, and techniques in preparation and analysis of published corporate financial statements. 2 units.

BA 220 - Managerial Accounting & Control I

Principles, tools and techniques for the generation and use of accounting information for management decision-making, including financial analysis of specialized industries. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 219

BA 221 - Managerial Accounting & Control II

Designing, implementing and using planning and control systems for organizational strategy. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 201, BA 220

BA 230 - Marketing Management

Principles and practices of marketing; planning, implementation and control of marketing programs. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 201

BA 240 - Operations Management

Strategic and tactical decisions in manufacturing and service operations; design and management of products, processes, facilities and systems; quality management. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 211

BA 243 - Management of Innovation

The firm's research and development (R & D) strategy; the innovation process and its organizational, financial and legal implications. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 230 and BA 240 or Consent of Instructor

BA 251 - Organizational Behavior

Individual and group behavior in organizations, including leadership, interpersonal processes, organizational design and organizational culture. 2 units.

BA 280.1 - Fundamentals of Financial Management

Application of financial analysis tools to short-term and long-term concerns of financial management; firm and shareholder value and the risk-return trade-offs of the firm's financial policies. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 219

BA 280.2 - Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

Financial forecasting and planning, investment evaluation and portfolio theory, financial structure choices and design, valuation of basic types of securities, and the functions and structures of financial markets. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 280.1

BA 286 - Management of Information Technology

The uses and potentials of information technology in managing organizations. Information Technology (IT) concepts, frameworks. and practices in organizations; managing organizational and interorganizational systems; social, political, legal and ethical issues of IT. 2 units.
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor

BA 290 - General Management

A holistic approach to analyzing and solving operating problems in business at various levels of the organization. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 230, BA 240, BA 251 and BA 280.1 or Equivalent courses

BA 291.1 - Strategic Management I

Strategy concepts and practices; environmental and organizational analyses in formulating corporate strategy. 2 units.
Prerequisite: BA 230, BA 240, BA 251 and BA 280.1 or Equivalent courses

BA 291.2 - Strategic Management II

Strategy implementation -- sustaining and enhancing corporate governance and performance; building organizational capabilities and relationships; evolving structure and control systems; and managing organizational culture and change.
Prerequisite: BA 291.1


1.0 - highest (increments of 0.25 up to the passing mark of 3.0); 5.0 - failing